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FAP MARMI was founded at the end of the 60s as an artisan laboratory linked to the processing of stone. From those years the experience has been handed down from father to son, with the addition of the most modern technologies that have the task of improving and optimizing production, but without losing the craftsmanship that distinguishes the product "made in Italy".

Company specialized in processing Italian travertines, marble and granite, as well as numerous and various foreign stones, chosen according to customer needs.

The FAP MARMI has gained over the years such experience to be able to interface at European and international level. In the preliminary phase, the company offers the customer services for inspection, consulting and technical data for the purpose of processing a cost estimate, planning and rendering to get a realistic idea of ​​the work. The second phase will be processing, delivery and possible assistance in assembly and after-sales.

"Working with FAP MARMI" means relying on experts in the stone industry, establishing a working relationship with the customer at 360 °, until obtaining a strictly personal and unique work.